Kanata just announced it in his diary! and Crunchyroll as well!!!
He will be in Attack on Titan!

Kanata just announced it in his diary! and Crunchyroll as well!!!

He will be in Attack on Titan!

Updates @ Website: www.kanatadaily.thefanbase.net

Updates @ Website: www.kanatadaily.thefanbase.net

Oricon Ikemen Garage Vol 8 2008 


Love | Actor Friends | Cellphone

Kanata Hongo Diary Entries 2007 [COMPLETE] 

I have finally finished translating all Kanata’s diary entry for 2007.

Up next, 2008.

Diary Entry # 7 2014 


Long time no see.
My drama just ended,
and now “Dorie-ku” is playing in theaters.
If you’d like, please definitely go watch it.
The Danganlonpa tickets are being made so
please check it out as soon as possible.
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[Sakurada Dori Blog] Kananyannyannyan3x 


Hello everyone☆

This picture is of



It’s been a while since we took pictures together!

KH Fan Project: ダンガンロンパTHE STAGE 


It’s been about 3 years since okicam and KD collaborated for a Kanata Hongo Fan Project,  so we’re thinking of doing another one for Kanata’s new stage performance ダンガンロンパ.

Okicam will be attending the shows so we were thinking if anyone wants to send Kanata pictures, illustrations, and messages, they will be sent to Kanata Daily for the overseas gathering process.

If you also want to pitch in for the bouquet okicam is buying, please send me a message at kanatadaily [@] gmail [dot] com

The submissions can be sent directly to my email.

Or you can submit your message here: Kanata Hongo Project

Deadline is August 15, 2014.

Gyao 2010 


I am going to start organizing all my Kanata Hongo translations over to the following website. It is still underconstruction, but you can start browsing about for some translations.

I’ll be working with older translations since I feel like there are more fans translating his current things.

This interview covers both his impressions about Gantz as well as his personal life.

Kanata Hongo Voice: Julian Ayers Mackenzie (the Blonde one)

Kanata Hongo as a guest to the Grand Pura in Tokyo to promote his voice role as Julian Ayers Mackenzie in Gundam Build Fighters.

Long time no see. 

Hello everyone,

How are you all?

I can’t believe it’s been 8 months since I last updated.

My excuse reason: School and Work.

I’m just dropping by to say “Happy 6th Birthday Kanata Daily”!

I started Kanata Daily March 8 2008. I can’t believe it’s been so long already.

I notice that there are definitely a lot more fans out there now!

I’m happy to know that.

Also, I think I might be getting back into translations. I’ll probably work on the older diary entries, staffroom entries, and magazines.

If you have a specific interview you’re interested in, just let me know.

Until then.